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Using of “Kalan” materials by the firm «Ehkoprom» on the territory of industrial range «Zubchaninovka» for biodegradation of pollutions liquid effluents’’ accumulator  

General form of liquid effluents’ accumulator in Samara. From this place polluted water comes to waste water treatment plants.

Waste treatment facilities of biological purification.
The view on bioreactor and first running less pond. 


Bacterial biota, spread on sheets EOFO-Environment-Oriented Federative Ordinance(material FPFE-Sh-2000х650-8 of the firm «Kalan»)

Installation of sheets EOFO with immobilizing
biota in a running less reservoir

General form of running less reservoir with installed sheets EOFO

Sheets EOFO with algobiolta in
running less reservoirs

Bioreactor with installed pipes-cartridges, filled with biogenous salts. (Product FPFE-Gl-100х110-1000 of the firm «Kalan»)

Installation of a pipe-cartridge with biogenous salts in gutter of effluent water’ feeding line. (Product FPFE-Gl-100х110-1000 of the firm «Kalan»)