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Filters for pumps

It is known that the most part of pumps which dispense water from natural resources is exposed to devastating effect of mechanical inclusions. It leads to attrition of body frames and blade wheels, sometimes to seizure of gearing and burning of motor. Ingress of the dirt under plates of back-flow valves leads to overloading of self-priming pumps and as consequence to its breaking. Besides that a pump draws water along with sand, silt and any other dirt which water contains. This dirt stuffs pipes and an expensive filter, precipitates in storage containers, indisposes water-supply system.

What to do with all this stuff? The answer was found long ago!

Our firm develops, produces and realizes filters for protection of all household pumps against mechanical damage since 1998. The idea is in filter’s installing under usual suction strainer, or if it is absent, under a pump itself or flap valve. It secures the system from transfer of mechanical admixtures with a size of more than 100-150 micron. A large area of a filter provides low-speed of water filtration and because of that dirt-particles just congregate near filter until pump’s switching off. Filters have high physical integrity and elasticity, and beside water purification, provide protection of a pump’s body frame from mechanical damage.

Several enterprises-producers have tested their pumps with our filter and without it and unconditionally confirmed a high level of pump’s protection, filters’ safety and increasing of operational characteristics of their products.  

You can find results of tests here:

  • Al’met’evskij Pump Factory
  • Electrical Generating Manufacturing Group in Saratov City – Factory of Electrical Generating Machine Industry


Only assisted by our filter your pump will be able to drain water from any swampland!

At the present time we produce filters of more than 30 modifications. Information about them you can find on this web-site. Filters in compliance with constructional features of pumps’ water withdrawal are divided into several groups: for self-priming, submersible centrifugal of various modifications, submersible vibrational, draining and excremental. 

If your pump has a size which is not presented in the chart, you can contact us or our destination representative and we’ll try to solve your problem.

Our filters – for your pumps!