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Filters of our production find wide application in water purification systems of public and indiviual swimming pools against suspended matters.

The example of filter’s using with cartridge of our production as hair catcher of big (400 cub. m) treatment pool – on the page water treatment.

When you fill your individual pool with water from natural resource (river, pond and others) we recommend equipping your water withdrawal with one of our filters.

Filters of our production can be used as replacement cartridges in water treatment systems of individual pools. At the present time we produce cartridges of 2 types. They are countertypes of cartridges’ make С-4950 and cartridge «А» for swimming pools (MODEL A POOL FILTER CARTRIDGE). (refer to photo)

In case if you need another cartridge, we can make it according to your scheme. We look forward to your orders.

At the present time our filters for pools you can buy in stores of the firm » Novum «.