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we offer to you filtering element FPFE-M Pi 32Х62-120 for milk filtration

Filtering element is made of ecologically clean and authorized for use in food-manufacturing industry certificated polyethylene. Maximal operating pressure over transfer through filtrating element – to 25 atm., productivity over such pressure – 300 liters per minute. 

Filtrating element is rated for purification of 5 tons of milk.

Filtrating element presents multilayered tubular structure of polyethylene fibers, thanks to which a high degree of purification and productivity in filtration process are provide (treatment of mechanical admixtures up to 98%, products of mastitis up to 60%).

Filtrating element acts to raise of milk variety state. Filtered milk doesn’t lose its biochemical and organoleptic properties (protein, fat, acidity, taste, smell).

Technical characteristics Эксплуатация изделия
Porosity, % At least 60 Before milling operation filtrating element installs in filter’s frame. After filtration of morning milk filtrating element accrues from the frame, flushes out in stream water and locates in salt solution (2 tablespoon of table salt per 1 liter of water) before next milling operation. After evening milling operation filtrating element don’t uses and utilizes. 
Inside diameter, mm 32 ± 1,5
Outside diameter, mm 62 ± 2
Length, mm 120 ± 5
Mass, g, no more than 110

If it is necessary we can make filters of any other sizes within the limits of technological possibilities of our manufacture.

Prices on milk filtrating element

Name Up to 100 pcs. From 100 to 1000 pcs. More than 1000 pcs. Unit Package
FPFE-M Pi 32х62-120 100 rub. 80 rub. negotiated 30 pcs./240 pcs.

* Prices are actual since 1st of March 2010 year

Ready to produce and install for you filters’ frame of stainless steel.