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filter – collector

Filters of advanced treatment-collectors of distributed water catchments were developed for work improvement of final setting tanks (photo1 and 2). Collector’s construction 1 (photo 1) is the same as construction of draining-distribution system and provides equal load over collectors’ filtering elements. In collector filters FPFE-Gl-38 with wall thickness 10 — 12 mm, length from 450 to 600 mm with whole length 13,2 m are used. Total area of filtering surface — 2, 07 sq.m, which over flow rate 2, 5 sq.m/hour provides speed of filtration 1,2 m/hour. In second collector (photo 2) three filters FPFE-Gl-80-500 and one FPFE-Pi-80-500 with wall thickness 15 mm are used. If it is necessary, collectors could be equipped with dumping (photo 2) and pipe line of oncoming sluicing (blow-through). Over a certain filters’ disposition, collector can be used for surface collecting of process water (photo 3 and 4). Such collector (фото 5) can be used in decanting tank of circulating water supply at car wash, for example. Filters are assembled partially.


Aerating modules

We offer aerating modules for local waste treatment plants on the base of aerators (dispergators) FPFE-Gl-38-L. Module consists of collector – air terminal and dispergators. Quantity of dispergators calculates on the basis of optimal load (7-8 cub.m of air over 1 r.m. length of dispergator) and required aerating area. Module’s attachment in aerotank – with help of ordinary pipe bridges for 110 — mm pipes.

floating load

We offer floating load of polyethylene – instead of famous «pigs». Load’s attachment in aerotank – by agreement with the client.

aerating sheets of dish-shaped dispergators

We can manufacture aerating sheets of required sizes and quality for aeration systems.